Best dehumidifiers

1. White Westinghouse Dehumidifiers

Brand White Westinghouse exist from year 1917 in USA, manufacturing household appliances like dehumidifiers,refrigerator, freezer, washer, dryer etc. One of the oldest company presently deals in home appliances. Products known for its durability and they are technically advance, but slightly expensive. They have wide range of portable dehumidifiers best for home, hotels & hospital room, art galleries, storing seeds and spices, small industrial use. Sale & Service available in India.

Model range available in India capacity from 12 ltrs. per day to 55 ltrs. per day

2. Bry-Air Dehumidifiers

Almost 55 years old company manufacturing desiccant dehumidifiers, Bry-Air specialize in designing and manufacturing of desiccant dehumidifier used in big industries, The company's range of products find application in all industries and has installation in over 80 countries including India and subcontinent. The product range is backed by the latest technologies, strong R&D, world class test facilities and a team of highly trained engineers. Specializes in customizing dehumidification system to specific customer and application needs across industries. Sale & services available in India.

3. Origin Dehumidifiers

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